New SHDP Website Launched!

We're not interior designers, but even we noticed the old website was due for some style upgrades. New colors and flows are designed to make sure it's easier for you to navigate.

We have some new features too. Check out the new "News" section to stay current on what's happening at the Sacred Heart Dinner Program. Read client stories. Learn about local efforts to combat hunger and homelessness in the neighborhood.

We've also added an online calendar to make it easy for volunteers to see when they're scheduled to help out. Special events like the annual Hunger Fund drive, Thanksgiving Dinner, and Christmas Posada are posted for convenience.

Finally, we've unified the donation process with our web host to ensure the two operate seamlessly. The idea is to make donating to a good cause not only a no-brainer but easy too. 

Have a look around. Contact us and let us know what you think!

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